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Ambition advisory


How did you write and publish your book? How do you get asked to speak at high-profile events? How did you become a Dalai Lama Fellow? How did you come up with the idea for your social enterprise? How did you start? How can I bring more purpose and impact into my work? How do you manage to do so much? 

These are just some of the questions I am asked regularly, and I would be delighted to share my knowledge to facilitate your deepest ambitions. I’ve had the honor of working with Nobel Laureates, advising impact investment funds, mentoring MIT Arab Enterprise Forum entrepreneurs, and consulting for future-fit corporates on a variety of topics. If there’s anything I’ve created, done, or learned that could be helpful to you, book an advisory session with me.




My advisory sessions can be characterized as part consulting, where I provide you with technical advice, strategy, and connections. Part coaching and facilitating introspection and self-inquiry, with undertones of spiritual development-- helping you recognize the metaphors, polarities and juxtapositions between your personal life and professional life.

My advisory is ideal for individuals with a very specific goal or creative problem-solving need, that will take no more than 1-2 sessions. I am not a long-term coach, so if you are looking for a longer-term coaching process, this is not the right fit. 

Before the session, you will need to define what you want to focus on and the main objectives/outcomes you want to achieve. This is essential as your intentionality focuses the session and ensures it is as productive and fruitful as possible for you. All non-public information shared between us for the purposes of the session will be considered strictly confidential.


Sessions are limited to my availability, which varies week-to-week. If there are no availabilities and you have an urgent or time sensitive need, please contact me and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

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$110 - 60 minutes

One-on-one session for changemakers, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and early stage startups.

Virtual Team Meeting


$175 - 90 minutes

Group session for 2-4 changemakers, social entrepreneurs, and early stage startups on a shared topic of interest to the group e.g. How to write and publish your first book. You are responsible for organizing your group.

Signing a Contract


$250 - 60 minutes

Executive: One-on-one session for corporate and established leaders focusing on a specific topic.

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