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Women Power Podcast Interview​

How I Became A Social Entrepreneur And Global Impact Innovator With Leena Olaimy. Listen Here.


Groundbreakers Interview​

GroundBreakers is excited to feature Leena Al Olaimy, the Co-Founder of 3BL Associates, on this week’s Portrait of a GroundBreaker Series. Read more...


World Economic Forum Global Agenda Blog

Terrorists don’t kill for their religion. It’s something else entirely

When it comes to terrorism, military solutions abound. Meanwhile, the UN has just welcomed a partnership initiative with tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube to develop solutions to fight terrorism online. Read more...


Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)
Public-Planet Partnerships: Time to Ratify Our Free Trade Agreement with Nature

We protect nature. We learn from nature. But we are not collaborating with nature to solve the greatest challenges a human generation has ever faced. Read more...



Startup Mgzn Interview
Helping Humanity Catch Up with Climate Change, Peace, the Earth…and Each Other

When it comes our social, environment and economic challenges, human beings urgently need to accelerate the pace of our global education, growth, and action, especially in the area of business and its inevitable impact. 3BL is here to make sure we act in time. Read more...


Leaders Middle East Interview
Home Grown Social Entrepreneurship

Ms. Al Olaimy is cofounder of one of Bahrain's first social enterprises, and has been responsible for bringing both social entrepreneurship ​and sustainable development issues to the forefront of corporate and government agenda. Read more...


openDemocracy Op-ed
From Non-violent Resistance to Non-violent Resilience 

Resilience requires diversity—not only to weather a storm or disturbance, but also to cultivate and build new solutions. So how can we go from violent or even non-violent resistance to non-violent resilience?  Read more...


Huffington Post Interview​

Women Leaders of the Middle East: Leena Al Olaimy, Helping MENA Find Its Green Side 

A few days ago I flew to Bahrain to meet Leena Al Olaimy, co-founder and managing director of 3BL Associates. Read more...

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