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Public-Planet Partnerships: How to Design Interspecies Collaborations

As we look to the private sector to bridge a $2.5 trillion annual investment gap to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs), are we overlooking our biggest social and economic partner: planet Earth itself? What does it mean to partner with the 8 million other species, natural forces, and ecosystems that make up our Earth community through mutually beneficial win-win collaborations?

In complementarity with other approaches like biomimicry, circularity, and nature-based solutions (NbS), Public-Planet Partnerships (PPP) is an ethos and step-by-step methodology that combines design-thinking, management consulting and spiritual ecology, with a science-based approach to enable regenerative collaborations between humans and the natural world.

My Public-Planet Partnerships (PPP) cofounder, and sibling, Tariq Al Olaimy and I had the pleasure of hosting a session for the virtual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, to share how changemakers, businesses and governments can use our open-source PPP tools to design their own interspecies collaborations.

We were also joined by 2 organizations that are already partnering with nature: Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech, and Michaël Van Cutsem, CEO of BeeOdiversity. Watch the full recording above.

Public-Planet Partnerships is a joint project led by 3BL Associates and SoScience, and was supported by Ashoka ChangemakerXchange, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, and by Expo Live’s Global Impact Innovators program, under Dubai Expo 2020.

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